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School Houses

To inspire a healthy sense of competition, students of St. Joseph English Medium school, CBSE have been allocated one of the four houses which symbolize the school’s values. Students develop a sense of belonging and a feeling of unity in being a part of a specific house.

ST.JOSEPH Blue House

ST . JOSEPH is the FOSTER FATHER of JESUS and the husband of MARY. He was a just man.He is the patron saint of our school. Blue is the colour of the sky and sea. The students of the blue house known for highly intellectual skills, stability and unity ,Their greatest asset is their confidence and determination.

FATIMA Green House

Our school is managed by the SISTERS OF OUR LADY OF FATIMA. FATIMA is the place where MOTHER MARY appeared to three little children in 1917. The colour Green is indicative of elements like nature,fertility and life.It represents growth and harmony and colour of the environment.Students of the Green House are sociable and responsible. All the members are all rounders and are consistently good performers in academics as well as sports.

KROOT Red House

The congregation of SISTERS OF OUR LADY OF FATIMA was founded by SERVANT OF GOD FRANCIS XAVIER KROOT a Mill Hill Missionary. Red is the symbol of Love, courage, sacrifice, victory and Honour. Students of Red House stand strong and united all the times .They are creative and highly talented and face adversities as a team, They are best of their abilities in sports and cultural events.

ST. THERESE Yellow House

ST. THERESE is the secondary patron of FATIMA SISTERS. Yellow being the color of sun they are shining, dynamic, determined and dashing race .Led by a belief that they are more than just “an ordinary group of students” They truly stand out. Students of the Yellow house are impeccable, excellent, dependable, radiant and spectacular.

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